Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hey Blog Readers! Gosh...it's been about 3 years since my last posting. I was starting to get death threats from faithful blog readers and I was like, "Geez! I didn't know I had such crazy fans! But, do you really want to kill me?!" No biggie. Since fall is my favorite time of year I feel inspired to give the people what they want. Fall pictures. I went apple picking with some of my best chums. We ended up going to, what my friend Daniel described as, The Times Square of Apple Orchards. Plus it was so hot we felt like we were picking apples on the surface of the sun. I thought I was smart to be the only one in short slacks. However, I have since developed an ugly case of poison something on my ankles. Argh! All was made right in the apple picking world when I traveled to Summit,NY for an autumnal brother reunion. Sascha, my brother Tim's baby mama, invited a bunch of us to her parent's pastoral land upstate. The weather was perfect and there were kids a plenty. We went canoeing, wild-apple picking, fishing etc. Check out the photos and stop with the death threats! Faithfully yours, Joe

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